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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard Hits Midwest

Snow Day
I have worked for Community Wholesale Tire for nineteen and a half years and I can count on two hands how many times we have cancelled routes due to weather.  Today we are making history because we are essentially shut down due to a blizzard!  We will be closed Wednesday February 2, 2011 because of snow, all routes cancelled.  ME and a few of the hard core regulars of Community Tire – Kansas City will come in tomorrow and finish clearing the loading dock to get ready for Thursday, and maybe set some racks up that we have been waiting on to get ahead of the ball. 

I will get some time to work on editing and writing.  I wanted to say a word about promoting.  My wife was watching a show on television with some doctors on it who were commenting on the crazy things people are doing to themselves to be ultra extreme and get hits on their You-tube videos.  One dumbass nailed his lip to a telephone pole and another one lit his hair on fire.  I was commenting to my greatest fan and best friend Phillip Woody that I cannot set my hair on fire as I am bald.   There is no way in hell I am nailing any part of my anatomy to anything to try and get attention to sell my books.  I have been a little distressed at how hard it is to get noticed and have people read and comment on my book.  No matter how funny it would be to see me nailed to a pole and saying 'Hey check out my new book.'  NOT HAPPENING! 

If you are reading this and haven't checked out my book and you happen to be in the Midwest and socked in due to snow, then check it out.
Drive careful if you have to get out.


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