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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Hate Nicholas Sparks

I am part of the greatest book club ever!  We all bring up ideas for interesting books to read and then we decide as a group what books we will read and then discuss for upcoming months.  If you love to read and you're not in a book club I highly suggest you find one or create one.  One of the benefits in being part of a book club is you will be introduced to books you would never normally pick up and read.  The book club got me to read my first Nicholas Sparks book, "True Believer", which honestly I thought was a fantastic book.  I really enjoyed it.  When I found out there was a sequel to it, "At First Sight", I rushed right out and picked it up.  I finished the book on a Friday and had the feeling of just losing a loved one in a car accident right in front of my eyes.  I felt horrible when I finished that book, and that sparked my hatred of Sparks!

Since then I have been coerced by the ladies of my book club to read other Nicholas Sparks books, under protest, mind you.  Through these books Nicholas Sparks creates wonderful settings, rich characters, great plot and suspense, and his is awesome with how people fall in love with each other.  Then he always kills somebody, usually the wrong and last person you want to see die, and rips your heart out of your chest. 

Now some people might like this feeling and have the ability to go through half a box of Kleenex's and feel cleansed and better after word.  As an old school male that was brought up believing that real men don't cry and show their emotions and all that crap.  I don't agree with the way I am, but I am that way.  The feeling I get is stifling, upset, pissed off, and that if I went and vomited it still would not make me feel any better.  I for the life of me cannot understand why he writes that way and further more why some people enjoy reading such depressing stuff. 

It isn't the killing of people that bothers me.  I read James Rollins and he kills people all the time, just not the ones he has invested in and gotten you to fall in love with.  In one of his books he took out a main character 'Monk' and I wasn't distraught when I finished the book, and in his next book the rest of the crew manage to find 'Monk' and Mr. Rollins brought him back from the dead.  One of the reasons I am a writer is because you can do magical stuff like that.

So the reason for this Blog was not to trash the wonderfully talented, way more successful, Mr. Nicholas Sparks, but to explain my feelings for his work and set up for the main reason of my blog.  As a newly published author who is just budding in the industry, I am of course interested in ways of improving at my new love and craft of writing.  So I subscribed to "Writer's Digest", a magazine for Authors.  It covers all different aspects of writing, publishing and cram packed with tidbits and jewels to make you a better writer.  I subscribed to it in early January when I was opening a bank account for my book endeavors, getting my new computer, and purchasing a copy of the newest version of Micro-soft Word.  I received my first copy in the mail Wednesday, the February 2011 Issue.  I was so excited to look at it and begin reading the articles and had to wait until I got "Whisper" uploaded to Amazon dot com to even look at it.  Guess Who is on the cover of the Magazine for February?!  My favorite author Nicholas Sparks!!!  I am excited to read all of it, even what Mr. Sparks has contributed, because he is a gifted author, even if I don't appreciate all of his excellent stories.


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