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Monday, February 7, 2011

Dealing With Things

This will be a short Post, about a trait I hope to instill to my followers.
Dealing with things . . .  I see too often people avoiding problems, side stepping, procrastinating, deferring, robbing Peter to pay Paul.  It comes in as many forms as excuses.  I learned sometime ago to handle things as they arrive.  Solve problems as they present themselves.  Eventually even be pro-active and look for problems before they rear their heads and take action to deal with them on your terms, in your time.  Run your life, don't let it run you.
The people who avoid problems don't realize that they will still be there until you deal with them.  The people who avoid problems will stumble or get caught on a problem and the days, weeks, and months of avoided problems come crashing down on them and they feel over whelmed.  You have to dig your way out of it, problem by problem until you get them all handled and then shift into the proactive part.  Solving tomorrows problems today and next weeks problems tomorrow.  This can transform your entire life if your not currently doing it.I heard this from some movie and it fits exactly, "The only problem is there is no problem!"
Start looking for problems, embrace them, solve them, deal with them head on.  You have to do it sooner or later so do it now, don't bother worrying about it, don't waste the stress, solve it, deal with it and then go find another.  When you run out of problems then get busy doing that little bit today to work on your dream.
Happy Problem Hunting . . .


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