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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Book Club

I belong to a book club and it is fantastic.  There are seven of us, who meet once a month to discuss the current book we have decided to read.  When we meet, we discuss different aspects of the book.  We decide on future books for upcoming months, and decide on the dates we will meet.

1.  Keep your group small and Manageable.
2.  Keep it simple.  The the book.  Pick another book.  Decide on next meeting day.
3.  Be open and diplomatic about the choices of books you choose to read.

Over the years we have hit upon some real gems and discovered some very talented authors.
The only draw back I have found is once you have read several awesome books in a row, it is hard for average books to measure to what you have been reading.

I am toying around with how to run or host a e-book club and do it through a discussion on one night during a month.  Having people vote for or suggest books to read.  Discuss the book on a predetermined night the next month.  Choose the book for the next month.  If anybody reads this comment about it or send me an e-mail at


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