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Saturday, July 14, 2012


I have a thing for keys and it goes way beyond just real unique, unusual, and old keys.  It could be that keys unlock things just as my love of books and useless tidbits of knowledge could be used to unlock things hidden, lost or that are to remain mysteries to be solved only by those who possess the required key or information.

I relate my love of keys to my wife always having the key to my heart.  Before the clothes and makeup at her very worst I think she is the most beautiful woman in the entire world.  That it would be a toss-up as to which of us has the cruelest or more sarcastic sense of humor.  That no matter what she has my back and is always there for me.  I pray I always possess the key to her heart.

I relate my love to keys to the keys of maps.  I am fascinated by maps and the wealth of information they contain within them.  My looking at a map you can become familiar with an area in spite of the fact you have never actually been there.  The keys hold the date of the map, the scale and useful information for using the map.  I love old maps of places especially when you can compare them to later maps of the same area, it just gets my imagination reeling!

I love old keys of all sorts.  The special mystery of holding a key is that it is only half of the puzzle.  Until you know what lock it goes to you will never know what it was intended to guard.  The set together, lock and key, always holds a fascination with my imagination in that you don’t know what could be inside or behind the lock.  The entire reason keys and locks were created was to secure something, usually something of value to the person who locked it.

So when I see a key I can’t help getting excited as my over active imagination runs through multitudes of stories that have been written or that I may write which all starts with just a single key.  Most people never give them a second glance or passing thought.  I hope if you took the time to read this post that you never look at keys the same way again.
Have a Great Day and Weekend. 
To my writers remember any little thing, some curiosity and imagination could lead to your next great story.


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