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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Time Management and Meeting People

The Time Management part is about your time.  Everybody has the same amount of hours in the day as everybody else, yet some people get so very much more done within their allotted time.  There are many different things which compete for our time, and it is our choices of how and what we do with our time that makes the biggest impacts or holes within our lives.
Let me explain.
I leave for work every day almost an hour before I have to be there.  On any given normal day of traffic it takes twenty some minutes to make the trip to my day job.  I generally park at the public library down the street and read until just before I have to be at work.  This is my time – for my purposes, and I choose to read.  The thirty some minutes I get to read five days a week add up over time.  I get one hour for lunch but it doesn’t take me an hour to eat, so I generally get another thirty to forty minutes of reading in there.  That’s almost an hour a day of reading, my time, five days a week.
The time you spend with your children and family is terribly important in the overall scheme of things.  Not just being there but actively engaging them, playing with them, reading to them, developing their imagination and connecting with them.  It’s your time, use it wisely!
Do something to take a step towards your dreams every day.  If it is truly your passion you will find a way to make it come true.  If you haven’t found your passion you owe it to yourself to explore what life has to offer and find that one thing you love to do and then do it.  Pour your passion, heart and soul into it and it will flourish!
The second part of this post, Meeting People is related in how it deals with the quality of your life.  You pass people all the time, store clerks, drive through attendants, bus drivers, maybe even a librarian.  As I said I park in the public library and read almost every day of the week.  For years now there is one lady who shows up to work at the library while I am parked there.  We have waved at each other countless times over the years, but today I took the time to approach her and let her know who I am.  I introduced myself, gave her a card and told her I work at a tire place around corner and I stop here and read.  I let her know I write books and am a new author, which did seem to strike a chord with her as she is obviously a librarian and probably really appreciates books just as I do.
If everybody would notice those around them and say “Hi”, what a wonderful world it could become.  It goes back to the quality of life you want to have.  The impact you want to make in the little part of the world you inhabit.  My writing is my passion.  My blog posts are my warm up and brain candy to get ready to jump back into my imagination and then put it into words for others to enjoy my make believe.  Because of my natural curiosity and wonder which is part of what makes me a good writer, I notice people.  Be careful you may end up in my next book.  My passion is overflowing into all areas of my life making me better at my day job, a better husband, and a better father.
May God Bless You and if you’re American, Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July.  If you’re not American, blow something up and say you just got caught up in our excitement of celebrating our freedom!
Lastly, as a soldier to the soldiers of the American Armed Forces who will be celebrating tomorrow all over the world and many in foreign countries, hostile places, away from your families – We wouldn’t be celebrating if it were not for the brave and wonderful serving soldiers of our military, past and present!  May God Bless you all with old age and peace someday!


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