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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Read It Again, Daddy.

When I started computer programming in 1980 and home computers were in their infancy, if you wanted graphics you had to use codes to define the pixels that would make up the space of a cursor on the screen.  For Music you had to input all the variables such as frequency, loudness, and how long you wanted each sound to play in decimal equivalents to fractions of a second.  It dawned on me then that essentially music is mathematics.  The sound spectrum runs up and down beyond our range of hearing.  Anywhere along the spectrum it can be expressed as a frequency of the vibration.

Atoms vibrate and have frequencies they resonate at, which means that matter has frequencies it resonates at.  The energy of the atom can go up or down depending up the energy or frequency of that atom.  When the electrons jump from one level to the next they can emit a photon which is light energy.  Light itself is particle and wave energy at the same time and is also made up of frequencies and amplitudes.  So essentially sound, light and matter can all change, move and change frequencies as they interact with other aspects of the same.

Mathematics is the language of science, machines, and measurements and is used to describe and predict the laws that govern the universe and how all the pieces interact with each other in the linear time model we exist in and call life.  I have read lots of books on science both real non-fiction and some that were very fictional.  I understand that the goal of physics is to eventually come up with the grand unification theory that fits together all the known laws and theorems to accurately describe and predict the interaction of all parts of the universe, from the smallest imaginable pieces to the movement and interaction of galaxies and their complimentary parts of the universe as a whole.

I somehow get this feeling that this grand unification theory of everything will be expressed in mathematics, be able to played like music, and displayed with variations of temperature, color, light, matter and antimatter, and multitudes of different forms of energy.  I can’t describe it because I can’t even imagine its shape, images and forms and yet from time to time it feels like the thought or perfect word that your brain has and understands but it is stuck between your brain and your tongue.  Your mouth opens in preparation to utter the word that can’t be spoken.  Your mind dances around the image it knows that all mankind has known since our creation and the spark of life entered our soul and fused with the physical world as we gasped for the first breathe of air in physical lungs.

I imagine it is like the Bible describes the image of God and why Moses couldn’t face it directly and see it all at once because it is just too much, too primal, too all encompassing, it would burst our little underdeveloped minds.  We get glimpse, shadows, and can recognize the resonances of its perfect frequencies, colors, and forms.

The moments we are one with our mates, the perfect love of a child, the sprout that breaks the soil searching for the sun are but glimmers of this greatness.  The crescendo of the perfectly played orchestra, the sound of rain on water, the smell of the sea, the first ray of sunlight to fly across the horizon and touch your eyes are but a shade of its form.  The sheer number of the grains of sand in a desert, leaves that fall, snowflakes that drift down, stars in the universe and the thoughts of people who have lived before us are but aspects of its magnitude.

Sometimes I see these phantoms of God as they flit through my mind and for a brief fraction of a second I see and understand and then it gets lost again so it can save me from seeing, understanding, and knowing.  This grand theory is actually at work controlling everything already as we strive to accurately observe, record it, describe it and understand the very world we inhabit, our bodies, our minds, and our universe.  We still haven’t even identified all the pieces of the puzzle we are attempting to solve, yet we know enough to live our lives within its realms.  Deep inside us all lays the knowledge of all that was, that is and that which will be only we can’t comprehend the vastness, facets and scope within our limited perspective.

I imagine it is like when I finish reading my two year old son a book which he particularly loves and he wants me to read it again.  I can try with all my might to describe the multitude of other books which are on his book shelf, the other books on other shelves in the world, of the books that have been written through all time.  I can explain that I could make up a story and relate it to him as I make it up.  He can’t understand what I am trying to explain to him.

“Read it again, Daddy!”

Frankly that makes me want to pray for a multitude of reasons.

May God Bless and keep on writing!


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