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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Enterprise

Launched and Christened on September 24, 1960, she was designed to last for 25 years, which would have put her out of service in 1985.  A major overhaul and refit in 1979 and another major overhaul in 1990 significantly extended her service life.  She was in the movie “Top Gun” where she acquired a set of fuzzy dice which I hear she still proudly displays.

Today March 11th 2012 she embarks on her final deployment which will keep her out until December of this year when she will be decommissioned.  Her Motto: “We are Legend; Ready on Arrival; The First, the Finest; Eight Reactors, None Faster.  Her nickname is the Big E.

She has been a Legend, Still is and always will be! 

Sharing the name of the legendary Starship Enterprise which has inspired Science Fiction fans and lovers of Star Trek, The Enterprise in all her forms will always be Legendary.  The Aircraft carrier that has actively survived twice her life span after 51 years will finally be retired and deactivated.  She will never be forgotten and always missed.

So today as you go about your duties say a prayer for the final voyage of a valiant ship which has done so much to represent America, the Navy and defend freedom, and liberty around the planet!
To the crews, past and present, who have served on this fine warship, I salute you!  May Freedom Ring! 


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