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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Apologize to Nicholas Sparks

Sometime back in previous posts I did one where I explained Why I hate Nicholas Sparks, and later (In another post) I explained how I was bitching about a particularly harsh review I had gotten on one of my books, when my wife and her friend both insisted I should toughen up and take it. They stated that I could dish it out but could not take when it was dished out to me. It was pointed out about my other post concerning Mr. Sparks, where I might have hurt his feelings by what I had posted. Since then I have been putting it off until a day when I couldn’t come up with something to post about.

Today is the day.

I am so caught up with working on the sequel to “Whisper” that I just couldn’t think of anything worthy of posting or writing about other than getting back to my work at hand. So for lack of anything better to post, I will finally and formally apologize to Mr. Nicholas Sparks.

Mr. Sparks,

As I have stated numerous times before, I personally feel you are a gifted and talented writer. I can only hope to aspire to your level of greatness at some point much later in my career. If at any point in my posting on my blog, any of the things I have said about you have in anyway hurt your feelings, I Apologize! I hope you will accept my apology and I would be sincerely grateful to someday make your acquaintance and maybe be friends in a professional manner as we both seem to share the same passion in regards to writing.

This doesn’t mean I have in anyway changed my opinion about the rat assed horrible way in which you end most all of your books by being as terribly mean and inhumane as to rip your readers’ hearts out. I understand in real life sad and depressing things happen to real people every day. I also understand one of the big reasons people read is to have an escape from this world in order to live vicariously through an author’s characters in a fictional story. There must be a market for people who enjoy having their hearts strings ripped and shredded, but it just isn’t my cup of tea or what I enjoy in a book.

It’s not the killing that gets to me, because James Rollins and James Patterson kill people by the truck load in their books and I love every second of reading them.

So I apologized, over, done, we can all move on. If anybody is interested, it didn’t make me feel better in anyway. I still get upset when I read the review of my book and I still hate reading Nicholas Sparks’ books! I do say he has to be a great writer to invoke so much emotion from his readers towards the characters of his otherwise excellent books.

Back to work everybody.
Somewhere this is somebody wondering what they should read next.


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