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Monday, March 19, 2012

Cycles, Balance, and Time Changes

Men and woman both have cycles that affect us on different levels at different times. The problem with these cycles is they don’t always affect us the same way every time, or in the same predicable periods, and the owners manual was lost just around the time our ancestors were evicted from the Garden of Eden. From lunar, menstrual, seasonal, temperature, social, and the very essence of life cycles act upon us and ease and force changes on our system, perceptions, ability to function in our lives. It changes our lives whether we want it to or not. Sometimes these changes are subliminal, or so subtle we don’t even notice them adjusting bits and pieces of our lives. Sometimes it is the drip of water seeping through a crack in a dam that changes as the dam gives way.

Through the holiday’s and into the new year I was zooming along blogging, writing, working, living, all the things I normally do, totally unaware. Then I became aware of things shifting. I couldn’t put my finger on what was changing, what was different, of the pieces of the dam falling away. I noticed my writing slowing down. The ideas, the drive, still working, but just not getting the results I had been. My blogging was still going but I felt I was having to work at it, almost force it. I took a day off work to go to my doctor, just to get some thing checked out, nothing serious. I also scheduled a optometrist appointment to get a new prescription for new contacts. More of the dam falling away.

Then the time change. I understand the reason for daylight savings time, but after forty-five years I still haven’t gotten used to getting up an hour earlier in the spring time. My work schedule for writing requires I stay up until midnight or later writing and working on my stories for future books. My day job pays my bills and provides for my family and therefore has to be protected first and foremost. So to get up an hour earlier means going to bed earlier so I don’t over sleep and get to work late for my day job. This was also working to slow and change my routine, and re-adjust the cycles that act on my life that I am aware and unaware of. The Dam broke and the lake emptied.

My life’s pendulum has swung back to full balance, the cycles have reset aspects of my system, and the time change has forced me to get more rest.

All of a sudden I have a renewed energy, a flood of new ideas, reading more, writing more, and actually slowing down and smelling the roses along way. I can’t wait for the fruits of this year to ripen, the stories published, new stories started, new series begun, and great new vistas to spread out before my reading fans. The seeds are being sown now which will take weeks, months and years to come to fulfillment. I know this post seems very sketchy and flighty. Some will never understand what I am talking about, but for those who can read between the lines and make the connections, understand the subtle changes in their lives just may get it. If you’re making the right choices, the required steps to better yourself, refine your craft, as well as yourself the changes will be positive, will compound your interest in your talents, work, and efforts.

Focus your efforts on what you are doing at every moment of everyday, to be the best you can be at everything you are doing. Don’t do a half ass job at any part of your life. Plan ahead, be flexible, embrace change, trust your instincts, accept help, help others and be yourself. Be the best you that you can be, unique, individual, and true to yourself.

May God Bless you and all you do. Keep writing.
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