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Friday, August 10, 2012

Fashion, Boudoir, Shapes and Women

My wife keeps getting on me because she says when she gets on Pinterest now it’s like she is looking at soft porn and it is because of my posts which show up because she follows me and I follow her on that that site.  Yes, I am on Pinterest!

My wife got me started with it, and it was one of her boards which is entitled Boudoir that really caught my interest.  Before Pinterest and my wife I had no idea the word Boudoir existed or what it meant, but it definitely had an allure to my personal tastes.  I also very soon afterward created a Board entitled “Real Womens Styles/Fashion” because the body style of most of the woman I have ever met and that I particularly really like are referred to by the fashion industry by mean and derogatory names in my humble opinion.  Shit like Plump, Hefty, Plus Sized, and even Obese, all of which I find highly offensive and insulting to woman.  I am a healthy red blooded American male of the heterosexual variety and it is these same women who really turn me on!  I think Fashion models, the unrealistic size of 1 or 2 should be treated as a disease.  How can zero be a size?  If you’re a small demure woman and that is natural body size and shape so be it – but we know for many of these woman it is a disease and unrealistic.
As I was Pinning, as it is called, my soft porn pictures (as my wife refers to them), it dawned on me that there is no finer, more beautiful, sight to me than the subtle shapes of the female form of our species.  It is truly astounding at how many sizes, shapes, colors, combination of colors (eyes, skin, and hair), that these exquisite forms come in.
I am probably the least knowable person on the planet about any aspect of fashion.  I would bet that beyond my complete misunderstanding of the rules and working of the English language that fashion and poetry would be the two subjects that would come in second and third as shortfalls of my being able to comprehend them.  I do know what looks nice to me.  What is pleasing to my eye therefore considered fine art of photography by yours truly.
When you look over the pins on my boards that show scantily dressed woman of different shapes and sizes there is more going on than what some people would call pornography, distasteful, or offensive.  In my defense all the pins I have posted have come off Pinterest and most off of other woman’s boards.  I Pin what I like, what I find pleasing to my eye, and what I consider one of Gods greatest achievements outside of air and food which are essential for life, the female body!
I marvel in the multitude of ways to take what is already beautiful, perfect and exquisite to the highest degree, the female body, and dress it in everything imaginable to make it sexy, seductive, and mysterious.  Fashion designers are masters of the highest degree that should be given as much credit as the works of fine art hanging in museums to the models themselves that pose wearing these fantastic outfits.  From Denim, cotton, leather, latex, lace, and silk and God only knows what else, they can make these women stunningly more beautiful than God designed them to be.  Some of these pictures are frankly the stuff that dreams are made of.
High heels, which I have heard can be extremely uncomfortable, do the most amazing things to the shape of a woman’s leg and bottom.  Hose and Garters are magical!  The stocking style gloves are sexy as all hell.  Corsets and the many variations of such are wickedly alluring in their array of styles and fastening in that they close with ribbons, hooks, laces, or string.  Then there are bikini’s, lingerie, panties, and bras which come in such stunning and mind blowing of types and styles not to mention the colors!  From denim cutoffs and a plain white T-shirt to the awesome dresses and gowns made for balls and dances of days long gone by, it is all so magical, wonderful, marvelous and all wrapped around gorgeous, magnificent woman!
My Pins, as my writing, usually have subtle meanings below the surface which makes them mean more than the Pins themselves or the words I use which make them more special for me.  I love the female form, the way it can be dressed, how all that combined can cause such stirrings in men.  It is this interaction since Adam and Eve that has made the world go around.  All art, works of literature, forms of human endeavor can be reduced to the love of a man and a woman.  This is where we live, exist, dream and hope.  It is the outwardly appearance and forms that spark and jump start this whole interaction of people, love, hope, dreams and eventually leads people to children and becoming higher more evolved beings as parents and grandparents to care and raise the children.  When we reach these later stages of life our hearts and desires are still those of the young as our soul doesn’t age.  I don’t feel like I’m 46, or half as old as the way my children see me.
I have Pins of Keys and Masks also, but each of these are just the artistic representations of what Keys mean to me and the masks we all wear for different reasons and purposes in the world every day of our lives.  Guns represent freedom and our willingness to die for our beliefs, and our will to survive.  Soldiers and War are the guardians of our somewhat free, more free than in many parts of the world, way of life, that we have fought to attain and will fight to keep over and over again through time.  It is an eternal struggle between the aspects of good and evil which are a part of all of us, as we are all human.
I don’t judge when I see half naked pictures of men or woman on others boards on Pinterest.  Instead, I recognize a young soul and person who is confident enough in themselves, in what they like, that they will Pin whatever in the hell they want.  If you don’t like it, don’t look!  It appalls me at the number of people who are so offended by Gods greatest creation, the sight of his children, clothed or unclothed, in its many wondrous shapes and forms!  Grow up people or spend the rest of your life being offended.  If you insist on shutting your eyes and not listening to the world, do us a favor and shut your mouths also, for those of us who are awake, paying attention, and actually living in this world for all its good and bad, we don’t want to hear you.
Offensive is things are Racism, Ignorance, not being able to read or write, Starvation, Homelessness, Cruelty to Animals, and the shit heels we keep electing to run our great country who buckle and give in to crap so we don’t offend someone as a society.  We’re offending people every day, get over it, and let’s try to fix truly offensive shit and tell the rest to shut up.
“I may not agree with what everybody says but I will fight for their right to say it and be heard.”
On that note I will shut my mouth!
If anybody is interested I am providing the link to my Pinterest boards!


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