Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Find your Happiness, Love and Success!

On this day in History in 1961, Six Flags Over Texas, the first park in the Six Flags chain opened up in Arlington, Texas.  The park was a pioneer in many ways from the one all-inclusive admission price to being the first to offer many rides like the log flume and later the first 360 degree looping roller coaster.
The park was the idea of real estate developer and oilman Angus Wynne Jr., who looked at it as a short term way to make a buck from vacant land before turning it into an industrial complex.  It took one year to build and 10 million dollars.  Wynne soon changed his mind about the parks temporary status.  In its first ten years the park had 17.5 million visitors and became the Lone Star states number one for profit tourist attraction.  These days average annual attendance at the park is about 2.8 million people.
This reminds me of a joke where a rich man walks into a bank in New York City and asks to borrow 2 hundred thousand dollars.  They check him out and quickly find out he is worth millions.  Being the way banks are they still asked if the man had any collateral since it was an unsecured loan.  The man produces the keys to his Lamborghini.  As the car was worth more than 2 hundred thousand dollars they gave him the loan and accepted the car as collateral.  A week later the guy comes back in the bank and wants to pay back the loan plus the interest.
The Bank Manager asks him why a person of means needed a unsecured loan for a week?  The man replied he didn’t need a loan as much as he needed a safe and cheap place to park his car while he was in New York for the week.
I am convinced that if you learn to look at problems differently and turn them into opportunities your outlook as well as your life will become transformed.
Success is the journey to a destination.  Too many times people get obsessed with the destination as the goal and when they get there they are left feeling empty, disappointed, and disillusioned!  Enjoy where you’re at in life.  Enjoy your life!  Suck the marrow out of every bit of it!
If you can’t be happy and content where you’re at right this second then having all the material things the world has to offer isn’t going to make it happen either.  If you enjoy the journey everyday will be a tumultuous, wondrous miracle that is your life!  Find your happiness first.  Love yourself so others can too.  Then the world is your oyster!
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