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Monday, January 17, 2011

Introduction to Smashwords

If you have never heard of Smashwords let me be the first to introduce you to the leading platform for authors, publishers, readers and retailers for e-books.  Created in 2008 to serve authors to publish their work for free and help promote and distribute authors works via the world wide web.
check out
This is where you be able to view my book in a few days, try a sample of it for free, and even download it for your reading pleasure.  In the weeks and months to follow I will adding blogs about the process, future books, the characters, story ideas, the process of writing, my favorite authors, and stuff about or related to writing.  If your new to this blog, please be patient as I am just as new to posting a Blog.  Very new to writing and learn much more everyday.  It is a brave new and exciting world out there that I am literally jumping into head first with my first novel, I have my second back from my Editor, and need to begin the process of editing.  I am going through the final stages of E-publishing my first corrected and polished novel.  So stay tuned . . .


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