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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Election Question

I feel it is important for people to vote as much as I still believe the true power of our country and the major reason it is so great is because of its people.  Patriotic?  Yeah, just a little.

I hear from people all the time that they believe their vote does not count.  That it doesn’t matter who they vote for.  I hate hearing about the horrible feelings people have about our government even though I can’t say I am impressed with the job they are doing for this country.

It dawned on me that with today’s technology a major television station or I would even be more impressed if all three, CBS, NBC, and ABC, joined together and did the event simultanenously!  I think it would be great for Presidential Elections to start with numerous candidates from numerous parties and introduce them through an investigative report with breaks to do questions and answers in the form of a debate style and then let the country vote.

Each night of a week a one hour special and narrowing down the peoples choice by party and then by qualifications making it more in depth and harder as the candidates progress through the process and then people vote on their computers, cell phones and eliminate candidates with the grand finale being the actual presidential election.

The best part would be if they did it live and we got to watch these candidates self destruct on national television!

No Campaigning!  No huge amounts of money spent by candidates or supportors trying to buy their candidate a seat.  The money that would normally be spent on campaigns should be collected and spent on paying down the national debt which would get people to stop donating rather quickly.

No National conventions!  Within each party numerous candidates would be sent to the show to represent their respective party.  For those who are afraid of getting stuck with a popular would be actor as president – let us remember President Reagan who didn’t do all that bad as Presidents go.

It is just an idea.  I would be entertained and happy if we threw out the electoral college and limit the whole thing to those who are registered through their computer and cell phones to vote and part of the registration process is to have a valid drivers license, and proof you have paid your taxes.  Get the NSA to run the voting polls for the computers and cell phones, they could do it honestly and have the technology.  Definitely do not let the government hacks who are responsible for the Obama care website near it.  The IRS would love to be able to verify the registered voters by who have paid their taxes.  


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