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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bigfoot, Jack-a-lopes, and New Years Resolutions

Three things among many that I don’t believe in.
I don't believe in Big Foot!

Someone asked me yesterday what my New Year’s Resolutions were going to be.
I said I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions.
They asked me in a very concerned sort of way, “You don’t have any goals or ambitions for the coming year to become a better person?”
That’s different.  I have tons of goals and ambitions along with trying to become a better person as I grow, learn and mature.

I don't believe in Jack-a-lopes!

  From my way of thinking about it – This is a ongoing process that needs to be adjusted continually as you progress through life.

I don’t feel goals should be statically set or you have made it to some special place by achieving your desired goals.  I do believe if you are not happy living your every day life and enjoying it to the fullest as you go – you are wasting your life.

I know what the person was striving for when they asked the question of me, but I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions.

2013 was definitely a year of change.  I entered the year having reached a twenty year mark with working for the same company.  I had finished two more books but needed a editor to get them ready to be published.  I had not published a new book in 2012.  I lost my job in March and my company truck I had driven for years.

I found a new opportunity with the Edward Jones Company and began studying for my Series 7.  I did not publish a new book in 2013 nor have I written a single word towards a new one since I lost my old job.  I have been busy reading, studying, and learning since I took this new position.   Working for the Edward Jones Company is like a person dying of thirst trying to get a sip of water from a fire hose - At least at the start of your career.  Fast paced, almost over whelming, non stop learning and training, challenging and a hell of a lot of fun if you don't let it over run you.  I have never worked with a more helpful and up beat group of people in all my life!

The Good News is that I have never been happier in my life.  I have been blessed repeatedly since this new career has started.  I enjoy the fact, that by doing my job well, that I get to help educate people to understand, manage and protect their savings.  I never dreamed I would be so comfortable in such a social environment where I literally talk to hundreds of people every week.  I am surprised by how much I have learned in less than a year and how much I know about different vehicles for investing money.

Goals for this year are to break records of various types within the Edward Jones Company.  I plan to grow my business and help as many people as I can. 

I was able to purchase my own vehicle last year and finally after years have a means to listen to my favorite music in my car after years of having nothing but an AM/FM radio.  I have even managed to aquire a speaker machine that will play my music off my cell phone while I am working in my office.

I plan to purchase my dream house with an in ground pool this year and get moved into it and settled.
I plan to begin painting again in order to paint a piece for my office and see who will notice that I painted the painting.
I plan to get the sequels of my first two books edited and self published along with finishing my fifth and sixth novels. 

Most of all I plan to continue enjoying every day for the blessing that it is as I learn and grow to higher and greater heights that even I can’t imagine.

I will try to blog more often this year.  My writing career and blogging are coming up on the third year since I started both.  This year I will get back to writing as I grow and become continually better at my new career as a financial advisor.  


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