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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The In Between Time

My favorite days are the ones In Between.

Everybody has a certain amount of routine which naturally gets sifted into their lives.  Life then invades our time with dinners out, shopping trips, birthdays, party's  special events, deaths, funerals, visits to the hospital and on and on.  Sometimes it’s bigger interruptions like planned trips to places you have never been before, sort of mini adventures away from your stomping grounds and venturing in to a new region of the world just over the horizon.
Most people spend their lives living from one special event to the next.  They have to have something to look forward to, a reason to check the days of the calendar to count down to that next big event.  They live the rest of their life just getting by, doing the least amount possible to just get through to that next event.
I live for the days in between the events.  The events to me are an interruption of my work, my life, my time that I use to accomplish my goals the time I spend with my family.  The in between times are the normal every day days of our lives, where you read another chapter or two in the book you are reading.  Get another chapter finished on the book you are writing, or write another blog post.  It is another lunch by yourself, dinner with the family and catching up with what is going on in their lives.  It’s listening to the radio and singing along with it.  Wearing comfortable clothes and not trying or having to try and impress any body.

It’s the in between times which are the back bone of our everyday lives and moves us to the special moments.  It’s the wise use of and the really hunkering down and enjoying the in between days that add up to make an ordinary life an extra ordinary life.  People don’t notice all that you do.  The kind word here and there.  The many things you have done just a little bit of work on today and everyday in between, which are slowly and quietly adding up to an inconceivable level over days, months and years.
So if you don’t have anything special going on today or tomorrow – relish in the fact that it is a in between day and knock yourself out taking full advantage of it.  Suck the marrow out of life.  Carpe Diem!  Slow down and smell the roses.  Express yourself!  Share the love! 
Make everyday, especially the in between days, the best and most productive days of your life!


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