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Monday, February 11, 2013

Making A Connection

Have you ever met somebody and you could just feel the electricity, the connection, like the kinetic tumblers of life falling into place to open so unknown new path to something entirely new?  Just that hand shake, the look, something said that just lets you know you are going to like this person.  Many of us have had this happen in one way or another over the new medium of social networking here or there.

Have you ever looked over and saw that person that be stills your heart and makes it seem as if the earth stood still for just a second?  Have you ever had that casual conversation with a person who seemed too dynamic, interesting and more alive than anyone else you have ever met?
I was raised with people telling me things like, “God will bring people into your life when you are ready for what they have to offer and they ready for you.”

An ancient Chinese proverb says that, “Not a single grain of sand is out of place.”
It is very rare that these chance or pre-clan-destined meetings happen, so you should be open and recognize these moments when they present themselves.
You just never know when Lightening might strike.  When something simple, a chance meeting, an offer to help, an offer to teach, a look, a touch, could be the catalyist that down the road changed your entire life.  It could be as simple as helping somebody do the dishes.  An offer to help edit a book.  Sending a stranger a free book to read.  Clicking Accept Friend Request.


J.L. Murphey said...

God does put people into your life if you are willing to realize it. Sometimes it's just for a moment and other times it's for a lifetime.

Julie said...

It is very important to realize when
even the right one comes into
your life, they have to be taught what
you need "to complete you".

Sometimes friends and men, in
particular, are not intuitive. They
don't automatically know what you need,
even if they love you.

Filling their needs and teaching
them to fill yours, completes
that connection and adds spark
and electricity to the relationship.

Melanie said...

I agree with J.L. so true!

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