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Friday, June 14, 2013


On March 7, of this year I was let go from the company I had been employed with for over twenty years.  At the time I thought it was a terrible injustice and was extremely upset over the entire situation.  I did realize very soon after I had left that I seemed to be a much happier person without the stress associated with aspects of working there.

At other times in my life, I had experienced something which during the time you are going through it seems terrible.  Only after time when things have changed and worked out do you realize you are in a much better place than you would have been in if the event which forced the change had not happened in the first place.
This is what has happened in my life once more.  I am not going to go into the details of what caused me to be let go or the events which have transpired to bring about a completely new, more profitable and totally new direction to my life.  I will say that as of Monday June 17, I will be starting eight to ten weeks of intensive training for this new opportunity.  It is not related to my writing, but eventually will allow me to continue my writing (at a later date), pay for professional editing, professional book covers and advertising for my future books.  I do have two books (the sequels to my first two books) currently being edited and still planning on releasing them later this year or the first part of next year.  I do want them to be as professional as I can possibly make them prior to releasing them.

So for the next few weeks there will be none of the following:
My Daily Twitter Mentions to all the wonderful people I have so faithfully mentioned six days a week.
No New Blog Posts
No Posting of links for my books.

I will still be here, occasionally checking e-mails if I get the chance.  For the most part I will be in very intensive training which is planned to take 6 days a week.  As to give this new opportunity the best I have to offer I will devote all my energies to studying and preparing for this new challenge.  This as I have stated will facilitate and pay for everything else I want to accomplish in the future in regards to writing novels and pursuing a career as a novelist.

As with many things in life – It is one step back, to take several steps forward.  In this case what will be a slight hibernation in blogging, writing, editing, and being a novelist, will be a giant step forward in securing my financial future and making all my other dreams come true.

Wish me luck.  I will be back in a few weeks.


J.L. Murphey said...

Good luck Thomas! I can stand doing without you for a month and a half better than doing without you permanently.

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