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Friday, July 19, 2013


As a writer and someone who has experienced the thrill and wrath of written work being edited, the entire Securities Industry needs to be edited desperately!

There is over ten terms which have more than one or two ways of referring to the exact same thing.  There is more definitions for the word BASIS within the same industry, @^#%$&$*.

Any Editor worth their salt could have condensed that manual down by a quarter and determined for the industry what terms and phrases will be used and are acceptable and really clear up a lot of confusion and misunderstandings.

Who ever came up with the bright idea of two three hour tests back to back with only an hour break in between should be tied to a tree and shot to death!  A lady was there testing for her CPA - four tests spread over months that can be taken in any order.  I am not down rating their test in the slightest but the schedule seems far less grueling than the Series 7 Exam.

I passed!  You need a 72% to pass.  Most do not pass it the first time.  Average passing score is 73%.  I squeezed a 75% to pass, nearly wet myself before finishing the last 10 questions and although happy and elated I feel at the present moment Scooby Doo has me beat by about 50 IQ points.

Thank you everybody who said a prayer.  Tomorrow I start studying for the State Registration Series 66, wish me luck.

It is amazing what we will do so some day we may return to writing.


jalasmar said...
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jalasmar said...

Not sure why it's anonymous but if you have time please let me know.

Anonymous said...

I've also taken the test. The material isn't overly difficult but there is a ton of material to get through and you can't memorize everything. I got some great tips for passing the exam from here in case it helps anyone else.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when I started reading your post and you mentioned same words with multiple meaning and the first thing I thought of was Basis and then reading further down you mentioned "basis". Yes used in many ways.
The test is grueling & nerve wracking- usually by the mid way point on the second half is where you start glazing out.
My biggest complaint with FINRA is that licenses expire after 2 years if not working for a firm- my feeling is we all know how hard these tests are and that you truly "earn" these so if your willing to pay the fee's and keep up with CE you should never "loose" you license. Ignorant!!!!

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