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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Writing Fiction

It seems that some new writers have a hang up or problem with taking that leap in to altered realities of their made up stories.

Taking that step into the unreal, into the part of your imagination that makes your story fiction, different, unreal, or magical.  What the new writer doesn't understand is that the readers are looking for that special moment or point in the book when it strays into that unreal part with altered rules of reality.
Remember your favorite books or movies and the moments they crossed that line and hooked you.  You didn't need a huge drawn out description of the rules of physics for this particular story.  You didn't need to be lead around it, or have it hinted at to you through multiple chapters, you were looking for it when you picked up the book and started reading it.

That moment in the movie of Jurassic Park when they first see the dinosaurs.  The moment in Jaws when the shark appears at the back of the boat and all the sheriff can say is that they need a bigger boat.  When Yoda lifts the X-wing fighter out of the swamp.  Those are the moments people are looking for in stories.  It’s how the author brings these moments out to the audience that makes all the difference.

It’s your story!  Just write it.  It is your chance to be as brilliant, stunning, shocking, and awesome as you can dare to be.

How many times have you read a story where you imagined a terrific ending and yet the book came up short.  You imagine different alternatives a story could go and it doesn't come up to reach any of them.  These stories made it to become books, plays, and many of them even movies.  Of all the stories, books, screenplays, and movies that are created every year many are garbage, some are good, few are great.  Think about the greatest stories you have read, watched as shows or movies and think about what made them great.

Focus on the moments when they stepped past the natural boundaries and became magical, entered the realm of fiction and the story really began.  Unleash your imagination and write your story, the perfect story you would love to read except you haven’t written it.  Then write it.  If you get that feeling you get when you are reading a great book while writing your story then you are on the right track.


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