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Monday, April 29, 2013

Write Down Your Ideas

Before I started writing full time I read everything I could about writing, especially the stuff that was written by my favorite authors.

I remember reading that Piers Anthony wrote that he lost more story ideas than he ever wrote because he didn't write them down at the time he had them.

I can’t count the number of wonderful ideas I have had in the morning taking a shower and how they vanished like the fog on the mirror by the time I was dressed and had reached work.

I have had numerous discussions with individuals about the need for a way to take notes while taking a shower.  One of the last people I had that discussion sent me a picture and link to get a water proof computer.

I have lost several ideas over the last three years because I didn't write them down when they were tearing across my brain as my muse whispered to me.  I like to write down the good and bad ideas, because later on you never know what not so great idea might meld or congeal with several other ideas into something phenomenal.

I have taken to traveling with a pen and small notebook everywhere so when I see, hear, or experience something that sparks an ideas for a character, a scene, or a completely new novel, I can write it down immediately.  I still am losing ideas in the shower because I can’t afford the water proof computer and with two small boys in the house my wife will never let us put a computer in the shower.
Have a Great Day and Keep Writing.


J.L. Murphey said...

Ah, but Thomas they do make waterproof voice activated recorders for the shower. Slightly less expensive then the water proof computer.

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