Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Battle of Positive Thinking

I am blessed with several people in my life that I cannot escape from who are flawed beyond repair.  Knowing these people has made me totally disregard the idea of Karma, because of continually seeing rotten foul people get their way and continually being blessed for their horrid in-human behavior.  It has from time to time made me question my faith in what I do believe in.
These blessed people can't comprehend much less handle the TRUTH!

It is a daily battle to remember that their ranting and raving, their negative attitude towards situations, their demeaning and belittling of their fellow human beings is THEIR PROBLEM.  It is their problem, not mine.  If I take it personally, if I accept the crap they spew about, if I take on any of it, then it only perpetuates the negativity.  It will ruin my outlook, my day, and affect my relationships with others.
People just blowing things out of proportion!

I have been forced by circumstances to endure these relationships with these special people for quite some time.  I quit watching the news several years ago in order to prevent hearing about the misery and catastrophes they spend 99% of their time reporting.  I choose to attempt to live a more positive life than most people on this world inhabit.  I did a blog post some time ago about, “What is your Reality?” where I discuss how you create your perception of reality every day.
To some everything is just a series of escalating drama, blaming, excuses, and explosions.

Yes, I have problems, disappointments, chores, responsibilities, and things that pop up that I would really rather not deal with on a daily basis, just like you and everybody else.  It is a daily battle we all have to fight to be happy.  To be encouraging and uplifting even when all around us is this ocean of negativity, differing opinions, and mean and nasty people.  I honestly feel a large portion of these people are mean and nasty just because they can be.  There are no authority figures to get on them or public of people to scorn them for their atrocities and assaults against others.
(example of beauty in one of its many forms.)

I threw out my History Calendar yesterday because every day it had something else with a negative overtone to it.  I have an AP on my phone that tells me of things that happened on this day history and there were plenty of decent, even up lifting inspirational things that happened on this date.  So I chucked the calendar into the trash.  It’s a battle!  You can live your life pissed, upset, hold onto grudges, be nasty and mean just because, or you can be positive, share the love, say “Hi” to others, help others with their endeavors, find your passion, and live a happy more fulfilled life.  I choose to be happy.
(Further example of exquisite geometry of form and material.) 

Thomas Jefferson nailed it, when he wrote “Pursuit of Happiness” in the preamble of the Declaration of Independence.  Happiness isn’t a right.  We have to pursue it, fight for it, fight against the negative and the nasty people who are ignorantly too dumb to be happy and therefore feel you shouldn’t be either.  They endeavor to stifle, hamper, and stomp out all that is lovely, beautiful, joyful, and blow out others candles in the effort to appease their own short comings.
(Lets be blunt - eye candy - one for the ladies, this guy played a God in movies.)

I am blessed for these people being in my life for they daily remind me why I work so hard at my writing.  They remind me to follow my passion, not to accept their crap as mine, to search out opportunities to be kind, and that I am responsible for my own happiness each and every day.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  It comes in many shapes, sizes, and variety.  To enjoy the beauty of the human form doesn't necessarily make you a pervert, adicted to porn, or evil, anymore than enjoying a sunrise, sunset or cherry blossoms.

That even includes the hypocritical sophomores who look down on pictures of the human body scantily clad that bring joy to me from just seeing them.  It bothers me that the high and mighty religious people trying to condemn what God created in his likeness as being more righteous.  Personally I feel God would be pissed with that kind of negative demeaning and small minded view of his creation of the human body in its many splendid shapes and forms.  It is truly amazing at the various ways that one might adorn the body with or without clothes.  The myriad of possibilities for pictures of materials, shapes, shadows, light and dark of the body are as beautiful and mystifying as the pictures of breath taking sites and views of nature from around the globe.
My passion, what makes me happy is writing stories which I hope will be enjoyed by many for years and years to come.  If you haven’t read any of my books please check out “Whisper” by clicking the link at the end of this post.  It is my first novel; it starts slow but builds to where you won’t want to put it down.
What is your passion?  What makes you happy doing it?  What do dream to do or try?
What is your perception of reality?  What does the world you live in seem like to you?
If you are not happy it is your choice!  When you realize this and declare war on the negativity, stop letting the nasty people steal your joy, then you can transform your life into what you want it to be.  You can make your dreams come true.  Be thankful for the nasty mean heartless people in your life, because of them, not accepting their crap, you can change.
The best part about all of this!  It starts and ends with YOU!  You don’t need to buy anything, be given something special, no major event has to happen.  All you have to do is recognize the negative and nasties for what they are, don’t accept it.  Let go of negative things, feelings, grudges, resentments and envy.  Look for positives things, things that make you happy, people who make you feel good, what you love to do.  The switch is in your head!  The change starts with you!
Have a Great Day Today and Every day from here on out.  Class dismissed.
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